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Worship Service and Children's Religious Education Class: 11:15 a.m. (directions)

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Sermons/Thoughts from the UU Web

A Unitarian Universalist Minister in the South

Held in the Light - Rev. Peter C. Boullatah

A Psalm of Commitment
Created by participants in the RRUU adult forum April 18, 2010

Spirit of love,
Force of Good in the Universe,
Power of Oceans, Spirit of Life, Universe

We are sick and tired of ultra conservatism
Of those who assume a right to decide for others
Of us verses them competition.
We are troubled by waste, by greed,
By uncivil discourse, by chaos
And death as entertainment

We need connections,
Love, acceptance, hope humor
Wisdom and power.
We need to be heard,
To feel we make a difference,
To be understood
To take time out.

We are grateful for our abilities and accomplishments.
We are thankful for friends, pets, family,
Jobs and civil rights.
We are grateful for another day.

We will help others, live our beliefs and celebrate the now.
We will serve and promote Unitarian Universalism,
Take risks, speak out and keep getting back up.

We will vote, heal, recycle, reuse,
Embrace tolerance
And love without condition.

We will support RRUU
And have a party.

Red River Unitarian Universalist Church | | P.O. Box 1806, Denison, TX  75021
Meeting at Red River Unitarian Universalist Church, 515 N. Burnett Ave., Denison,  Texas 

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