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Meditation: 9:00 a.m.
Adult Forum: 10:00 a.m.
Worship Service and Children's Religious Education Class: 11:15 a.m. (directions)

Red River Unitarian Universalist Church is a lay-led liberal religious organization. Lay-led means we don't have a minister. Our services are planned and lead by members of our Worship Team and Worship Associates with speakers from both within our church and from the wider community. The Worship Team meets once a month to prepare the Sunday morning schedule and discuss possible speakers. The Team arranges for speakers and coordinates reflections, readings and music to add spiritual depth to the subject presented. Most Sundays follow a basic order of things, giving a framework of familiarity and ritual to the diversity of topics. If you have suggestions for a Sunday morning topic, please contact any member of the Worship Team at . Come and join us in our "celebration of life and love."

Start Your Sunday Morning with Meditation

Meditation is canceled For June 24 thru July 22.
Meditation will meet each Sunday morning in the Chapel at 9:00 - 9:50. The Meditation style is Grassroots Zen with facilitator: Todd Ellis - for more information, please contact him at .

Month of Sundays

Sunday, June 3th. 11:15 A.M.

Kelly Cofield-Dyer -- "Inclusion: A New Perspective"
     What Happens when the hell, fire and brimstone pastor of Tulsa’s Higher Dimensions Evangelistic Center has an epiphany the there is no Hell, what’s he to do? As the leader of the 6,000-member megachurch, he preaches his revelation of doctrine; changing everything he has preached to the masses his whole life. Do his believers lay down the crosses of Holy War? Come join us to hear the amazing, life affirming journey from Christian to Pantheist of the Bishop Carlton Pearson
     Kelly Cofield-Dyer is the proud mother of Ellie Dyer, wife of David Dyer and loving human mother to canine children Bertie, Chiquita and Abby. She loves being on the Care Team, attending church conferences with Marla and enjoys chinese food at every opportunity.
     Morning Refreshments provided by: Team 1

     On the first Sunday of the month, those who wish to learn a bit more about our community and the larger Unitarian Universalist Association are encouraged to grab a snack and come back to the chapel for an informal conversation. We touch on a bit of history, answer you questions, (sometimes by asking a question!) or watching a brief video. Open to everyone from 12:45 to 1:30.

Sunday, June 10th. 11:15 A.M. -

James Roa -- "The Lost Dream for the Community"
     Former Educator, Critical Thinking Expert and Personal Development Enthusiast, Jaime “James” Roa, will tell his story as a Real Estate Entrepreneur and his court “debates” over the Central Ward School building and the ensuing lawsuit against the ones responsible for the demolition of the historic building. Don’t miss this entertaining, informative and transformative presentation with video never shown before. One day only.
      Since I learned to read, at the age of 4 years, I have been interested in learning about virtually everything. I was very fortunate to have grown up in an environment that could be best called another Renaissance, when and where I developed a great interest and appreciation for the Humanities and all the branches of science. In the US, I obtained a B.S. in Education and M.A in Person-Centered Education. I, also, did coursework in a Doctoral Program approved by the CA State Dept. of Ed. For 30 years I worked in educational institutions in several states. For the last 20 years, I have done work in real estate, on and off.
      Share The Plate Sunday: Cash donations will be contributed to the Texoma Earth Day Festival
     Morning Refreshments provided by: Team 2

Sunday, June 17th. 11:15 A.M. Spring Congregational Meeting

The Rev. Doug Strong -- "Once Upon a Nightmare, Growing up Gay in America"
     I’ve never approved of the process of ‘outing’ someone. For over 30 years I lived in fear of being outed, even though I’d compartmentalized my life and passed for straight (mostly). I came out in 1974 - by mistake - and it was all my fault. I was kissing a friend in the kitchen at Starr King School for the Ministry when a couple of students waltzed in. They smiled, giggled and one remarked, “About time, dude!” Every person whose thought they’d guarded their sexual truth knows precisely how I felt. Join me on Sunday as together we walk through that nightmare. Spoiler alert: It has a happy ending. It does get better.
     Morning Refreshments provided by: Team 3

Sunday, June 24th. 11:15 A.M. -

Megan Hutchinson -- "What Is Love?"
     Today we will explore different definitions and expressions of love and how they impact our perception of love throughout our lives.
     Morning Refreshments provided by: Team 4

Adult Forum

Adult Forum meets each Sunday in the parlor at 10 am. We gather informally to discuss topics of interest - religious, spiritual, ethical or current.

For twelve weeks a Great Course "My Favorite Universe" by Neil DeGrasse Tyson will be watched and discussed by the Forum.

May 20th – Part one - On Being Round

May 27th – Part two - On Being Rarefied

June 3rd – Part three - On Being Dense

June 10th – Part four - Death by Black Hole

June 17th – Part five - Ends of the World

June 24th – Part six - Coming Attractions

July 1st – Part seven - Onward to the Edge

July 8th – Part eight - In Defense of the Big Bang

July 15th – Part nine - The Greatest Story Ever Told

July 21th – Part ten - Forged in the Stars

July 29th – Part eleven - The Search for Planets

August 5th – Part twelve - The Search for Life in the Universe

Facilitator: Various - please contact them at for suggestions for future Adult Forums

Children's Religious Education

Activities for Youngsters ~ Every Sunday Morning

Sometimes kids don’t want to sit through the service on Sunday. Thanks to a wonderful group of volunteers, young families can feel confident that their children won’t have to sit uncomfortably through a service that appeals mostly to grown-ups. Our volunteers are parents themselves who understand the “squirm” factor that comes as standard equipment with many youngsters! We have an assortment of age appropriate activities and kids tell us they think the adult leaders are ‘cool’. The morning greeter can guide you to the volunteer on duty for the morning.
Current DRE: Position is open - please contact them at

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